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”ATOLL” is a well-known trademark in Russia that has two different groups of goods – domestic drinking water filters and high-capacity systems of industrial and commercial use. Atoll equipment is assembled both in the USA and Russia of components of several European and American producers specializing in narrow high-tech sectors that ensures high quality of water purification confirmed by NSF, WQA and national certificates. Russian consumers’ interest in reliable and reasonably prised product has led to gradual relocation of Atoll filters’ assembling to Russia. All the engineering specifications and quality certificates required are obtained. Henceforward, Atoll systems become available for people with less income as well.
International corporation "HONEYWELL", headquartered in USA, is the world leader in development and adoption of new technologies in the field of space exploration, aircraft construction and creation of new materials. The Honeywell Braukmann factory, situated in Germany, produces water filtration and valves facilities for the American and European markets. A product of the company is a peice of reliability, commonality and ergonomics and has now become available for Russian customers. These filters provide primary and fine liquid purification from sediments.Presente reducing valves protect water systems from pressure increasing.
An American company ECOWATER SYSTEMS, set up in 1925, has produced its first water softener production factory that received an ISO 9001 certificate. The products of the company are delivered to the USA, Canada, Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia via the chain of 2000 distributors. Ecowater produces more than 95% of filter components by themselves attaining high reliability of the final product. These systems are to install in cottages and commercial and industrial units. High level of available automatics of self-control and self-diagnostics makes these systems serviceable and easy to use.
Canadian company VIQUA/R-CAN – specializes in production of water sterilization systems. An ultraviolet systems of “Sterilight” trademark has been in sale since 1989. The company desposes of modern production power that provides high quality of its products and service at reasonable prise.
Since August 2003 a new trademark "PENTEK" replaced a previously widely-known "US FILTER" that belonged to “Veolia Environnement” until recently. Currently, North-American factories Plymouth Products producing water purification cartridges and filter housing belong to an international corporation "Pentair Inc".. The company employs around 16000 people working in 50 branches the world over who provided the sales volume at $3.4 billion in 2007. Pentair’s shares are sold at New-York stock exchange under PNR.
”WATER PIK Technologies”is a leading developer, produce and supplier of innovation products of personal hygiene and health care, pool and heating system operation sold under Instapure®, Water Pik®, Laars® and Jandy® trademarks. Waterpik produced its first filter – tap attachment – more than 25 years ago. Since both the quality of water purification and facility appearance produced under Instapure® trademark have changed. At present Waterpik produces more efficient fixed flow system of IN LINE series. Among the new company’s developments are a tap attachment with electronic indication of “cartridge running low” and a shower attachment that purifies water from chlorine and salt.