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Reverse osmosis systems

Water Reloaded

The most advanced technique for getting of pure drinking water at home


Mesh filters and valves

Just and robust

True German quality for protection of household water installations against mud and excessive pressure from the supply

Ecowater - Water treatment systems for suburban houses
Put an Eco in your home

Fully unique solutions: optimum treatment technology, pefect design and maximum economy


Ultraviolet water disinfectors

Ultramodern and ultra-reliable

100 percent protection against some stable viruses and bacteria is not provided even by thorough chlorination of water.  To solve the problem, use UV-sterilizers made by the largest company in the world.


Filter housings and cartridges

The global standard

The whole filtration industry originated from here. PENTEK (formerly US Filter) is the author and owner of Slim Line and Big Blue patented standards used by most manufacturers worldwide.


  • Starting from the foundation of this company in 1993 we offer only certified equipment and consumables meeting the requirements of international standards and recommended for use in Russia, the USA, and the European Commonwealth.
  • All our equipment is accompanied by all kinds of servicing starting from system design to after-warranty servicing and providing with consumables.
  • We are proud to be capable to solve all problems connected with water treatment independently of their scale. Essentially, we are the ultimate authority where a client goes for solution of his problems.
  • Warranty term for our installation works and installed systems of water treatment is 12 months. The quality of purified water is guaranteed for the same term if a client obeys the operating rules.
  • We provide a full-scale information support to all kinds of clients, since we believe that each person must care for his health and the health of his family but has to make his choice deliberately.
  • In the case of purchasing and installing our equipment the following services are free of charge: a visit by an expert for measuring, water analysis, and equipment delivery (within the Moscow city and Moscow region).
  • The source of our strength is our experts, who have deep knowledge, many years of experience, and are sure in necessity of their work.